Friday, June 24, 2011

So, What is Never Say Just About?

I know you’re saying, “Miss Harper, why didn’t you tell us what you’re book is about before introducing us to Hell Kat and the Rat Bastards?”

It’s all part of my evil plan to make you love my characters so you’ll be forced to read their story. It’s step three of my world domination scheme. The next step is to get the entire world addicted to lemon bundt cake. Hopefully with the global population completely distracted by my book and their ever expanding waistline, they won’t notice when I assert my claim as Katharine, Overlord of the Planet. There’s still a few kinks to work out but in the end, you’ll find yourself happy and content under my reign.

So, how did I come up with the idea for Never Say Just? I started writing during a month long hospital stay. You can only take so many episodes of Maury testing sixty guys to discover the paternity for one child before you’re begging your nurse to commit a mercy defenestration. Since Nurse Cindy wouldn’t cooperate, I started writing. I wrote a truly awful novel about two spies. Some of my readers were a little bummed that the hero and heroine didn’t fall in love. I just couldn’t see them hooking up so I took them out of that story and put them in a different situation where I could see them together. I assumed I’d written another truly terrible novel but I thought, “Whatever, I’ll put it out there. See if people like it.” I guess someone liked it because soon you'll be able to purchase Never Say Just through Decadent Publishing!! Excuse me while I break out into a happy dance that will NEVER end up on Youtube.

K, I'm done. Never Say Just is the tale of a completely neurotic mercenary assassin contract interrogator who falls in love with a Force Recon sniper. The assassin and the sniper meet when Kat’s brother, Tyler, shows up at the Louis Armstrong airport with five of his fellow Rat Bastards. He’s invited them to stay with Kat, for the summer. Tyler knows Kat doesn’t like strange people in her house but did he stop to consider her before landing on her doorstep with Private Gump and his band of Bubbas? No, no he did not. And for that he will pay, dearly.

Shooter, as the team’s Gunnery Sergeant and sniper, is the guardian angel of the group.  At first Shooter sees Kat as bat guano crazy, which she is, but when she’s stabbed saving his life he decides she’s bat guano crazy with mad fighting skills and a whole lotta sexy. Shooter accepts her past as a merchant of death but when she uses her techniques as a contract interrogator (read: torture) to find her kidnapped daughter, Shooter’s not quite sure if he can accept all that is Hell Kat Boudreaux.

 Read about Hell Kat, Shooter and the Rat Bastards in the upcoming novel, Never Say Just published by Decadent Publishing! You know you wanna.

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