Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Samantha!

Now that we’ve met the good guys and the bad guys, it’s time to meet the other characters that fill Never Say Just. Today we get to meet Hell Kat’s pride and joy, her daughter Samantha.

Samantha is Hell Kat’s six year old daughter. Hell Kat sees her as the only good thing she’s ever done. Samantha is Hell Kat’s saving grace. Hell Kat takes her daughter’s security very, very seriously. She is watched over day and night by the meanest Rat Bastard. Switch is Samantha’s bodyguard. Somehow Hell Kat thought he’d be the best choice, and she was right.

*Author’s note: Samantha is six and I have no desire to shatter her image of the world. Her questionnaire is unique.*

Character Questionnaire

My real life baby girl
Name:  Samantha Lyn Boudreaux

Nickname: Sammie (that’s what my mom calls me), Sam (That’s what Uncle Tyler calls me), Sam-I-Am (that’s what Shooter calls me), Samiami (that’s what Switch calls me. It’s my favorite).

Hair Color: Blond and it’s all the way down to my waist. I don’t ever want to cut it. I’m gonna be Rapunzel for Halloween. Switch is going to make a crown made of flowers for me.

Eye Color: Hazel. My mom has brown eyes and my dad had blue eyes. I guess brown and blue make hazel. I didn’t used to like them but then Switch told me about how they change color depending on if I’m happy or sad or mad and now I like them.

Favorite Movie: The Incredible Mr. Limpet. My mom got it for me a few months ago. I think I’ve watched it a hundred times. Switch can talk just like Mr. Limpet. It’s hilarious.

Favorite Toy: It’s not really a toy, it’s a person. I like to play with Switch. He lets me ride on his back like a horse. I have a real horse, but she scares me. Switch rides her with me and that’s OK. I don’t think I’ll ever ride her alone.

Favorite Color: PINK!! My room is the only room in the house with a colorful door. It’s pink. I love pink. Everything should be pink. Switch wears this pink feather thingie and a pink hat whenever we have a tea party.  He looks silly, but he said he likes pink too.

Happiest Memory: The day my mom woke up. She’d been hurt really bad. Shooter tried to tell me she’d just spilled tomato soup on her shirt, but I knew it was blood. She slept forever. When she woke up, I wanted to cry. It’s kind of weird cause I was so happy, but still I felt like I wanted to cry.

Worst Memory: I don’t like to talk about it. I talk to Switch about it and he promises that no one will ever do that to me again. I believe him. He’d never let anyone hurt me. 

Hero: My mom. She's smart, pretty, and, she doesn’t know it, but I know she’s super strong. I saw her fighting one day. She was fighting Shooter. Shooter is lots bigger than my mom so I thought she’d lose, but she didn’t, she won! I don’t think Shooter would ever really hurt my mom, but he seemed to be really good at punching. My mom’s better. She won. Switch promised he’d teach me to fight, but first he has to ask my mom if it’s OK. I don’t think he’s asked.

The Rat Bastards’ Feelings about Samantha

Doc: Samantha is a special little girl. She lives in a house full of people who spend a good part of their lives handing out death. Yet when she walks into a room we all go gooey. What can I say, I love her.

Tongue: As Samantha’s only living blood relative other than her mom I have to say she gets all her coolness from me.

Martinez: She’s a different kind of child. You know she understands more than any child should, but she never lets it affect her. She’s a kid who enjoys being a kid.

Horndog: Oh man, I love that kid!! She makes Switch dress up for tea and makes him play with dolls. The photos will be used for blackmail in the future.

Hell Kat: She saved my life. She is my life. If she grows up to be a good person then I will have served my purpose.

Shooter: Sam is the sweetest thing on the planet. She’s always looking out for everyone, but you’d never know it. I read every Dr. Seuss book ever written at least two hundred times when Kat was healing. She wanted me to think she just wanted a story, but really she was looking after her mom.

Switch: I love Samantha. I will protect her with my life. She is my everything.

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  1. I love this! And your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!