Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Meet the Sheikh

The Sheikh doesn’t have a name. He is a shadow. No one really knows what he looks like and no one alive has ever heard him speak. Hell Kat has never met the Sheikh, but he is the reason her life is in jeopardy.  In another life, Hell Kat killed his brother. He is the only kill Hell Kat feels bad about. In retaliation, the Sheikh has vowed to kill the person responsible for his brother’s death. The Sheikh enlists the aid of Buck Stokes and Forest Bonaventure to corner Hell Kat and rip her throat out. Unlike our other bad guys, the Sheikh embraces the villain within.

Bad Guy Questionnaire

Name: Why would I tell you that?

Occupation: Iranian leader

Height:  Stupid question

Who's on your friends list?
Weight: Another stupid question. I’m sensing a pattern.

Net Worth: What is half of Iran worth?

Reason for living: To control all of Iran.

Crimes you have committed: Genocide, rape of the environment, rape of women, slavery, murder, torture, do you want me to continue?

When time-out fails.
Why I’m a bad guy: It is so much more fun and rewarding than being good.

Last nice thing I did: I killed my mother the day I was born.

Last bad thing I did: Hang on….I slit my nephew’s throat for disturbing me. I need to get these stupid questions answered.

What the Rat Bastards think of the Sheikh

Horndog: I won’t lie, he scares the shit out of me. I’m not saying anything bad about him.

Tongue: I will, I’d like to publicly decapitate the asshole.

Switch: After I’ve had fun with him, then you can kill him.

Martinez: I’d like to use his skin to make a lampshade.

Doc: I think we should let Hell Kat off her leash and hand him over to her.

Hell Kat: I knew there was a reason I liked you Doc. I have lots of pointy metal objects I’d like to introduce him too.

Shooter: As Kat’s leash, I’m more than willing to give her a few days off.


  1. I think they should all join together and take turns doing each what they wish. He sounds like a real prick.

  2. Yes Bonni, he makes Dr. Evil look like a hairless kitty cat.

  3. Personally, I think he chose to crawl through the desert and over 10 miles of broken glass rather than have Hell Kat off her leash and on his ass.