Friday, September 2, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

Today’s inspiration is brought to you by the Frigid Beyotch Union, Local #445.

Come on, come on. If you’re going to do it, do it already. I’m not going to stand here holding this camera for a foot massage. I am not some hack you know. My photos have appeared in the Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal. I am a legitimate photo journalist. I didn’t drag my butt all the way across the country to capture foreplay. Come on Senator, get it on. I’ve got a flight to catch. Without warning Senator Lisa Davis, Republican from Texas, snapped her leg embedding her toe in her aide’s nose. Blood showered his cheap suit. That’s my girl. Perfect shot.

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If you don’t like your kink hot, sweaty, tied-up, gagged, whipped, chained, shackled, and with multiple partners,


  1. Bahahaha! I'm always entertained when you write.

  2. Katie, as I've said before, you make sure we keep the fun in FFF. You can find a way to put a twisted, warped and humorous spin on just about any picture we can come up with. One other comment, do you live in a Red state or a Blue state??

  3. Good job Katie! Good spin on the pic! I like it when folks don't play to the obvious!

  4. Well, that's our girl. We hated the blond bitch and she hated back!! Loved it. What a fun twist:) xo

  5. Very good, Katie! I never would have expected a senator in this position. I want more, to see what happened to the dude afterward, and what she does afterward. Good job!

  6. Great! Loved the twist on this! Very entertaining