Monday, November 28, 2011

My Favorite 'Treat'

I have been away from my desk for the last several days. Sorry if you missed my thought provoking posts. HA! When was the last time you actually used a brain cell reading this blog? If your synapses experienced an increase in activity at any point while consuming my pointless blog then I have failed you and I am sorry. Please forgive me. 

Moving on. This post isn’t going to be about a treat you eat, well I guess you could eat it…..NOT GOING THERE!! Get your mind out of the gutter this is a family show! This post is all about the delectably decadent Daniel Craig. Take a moment to swoon.

I'm sorry, did you just ask me to lick your shoes clean?
Yes, Mr. Craig, anything you want.

Done? No? Continue, I'll wait…….

You're awfully wet Mr. Craig.
Let me towel you off.
What? Huh? Wha?
Sorry I was hypnotized.

Done now? No? Well pull yourself together we have a hot man to talk about. Daniel Craig is so, so, so, so so so so so yummy. I could watch him all day. What makes him yummy? I’ll show you.


Have you ever seen prettier eyes?


My what a big gun you have.
Can I hold it?


Sexiest. Picture. Ever. Taken.
He can rock a suit like no one else
and he can handle an assault rifle.
This is what heaven is people.

And this….

Enough said.

Don’t you just want to lick him? I do.


  1. You know what, I'm probably going to ostracize myself, but I don't find him THAT attractive. Sure, he has a nice body, and that pic of him in the suit with the rifle? fuck yea, but he doesn't do it for me. Please don't kick me out of the cool kids club :P

  2. Do you share? Good lord that man is hot!