Friday, August 19, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

Hello people of the blog. I have agreed to participate in a flash fiction exercise every Friday. The idea is to look at a picture and write a scene in 100 words. My fellow FFF participants are able to handle more steamy pics. I however am not. Basically, because I'm a twelve year old boy at heart. I think they choose these pictures hoping I'll be forced to take my post to the R rating. HAH! They have no idea who they're dealing with. When it comes to sarcasm, I am the best. I can't take anything seriously, that includes two dudes rolling around naked in the waves.

Why here? Why now? Why had they chosen this beach in the middle of the tourist season?  Yes, part of the allure was that they might get caught. As college freshmen, don’t they live for this kind of stuff? They go to parties and drink at the tender age of eighteen. They sneak into bars with fake ID’s. Hell, last week they’d turned their roomies webcam on while he got busy with the chick in 4D. Why was this so hard? They can do this. Right there, in front of the world.  To pledge the awesomest fraternity on campus they could participate in Greco-Roman wrestling in the buff terrifying old ladies and confusing young kids. Totally worth it.

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WARNING: When you leave this page you enter the world of the
lurid and debauched. If we go to church together,
I suggest you stay put. :)


  1. LOved it! I would never have thought about a college frat pledge. Excellent! Oh and the warning made me laugh.

  2. Fantastic! Very good advice to the wary as well. Loved it :)

  3. How very damn clever!! And very entertaining!! Loved the 12 year old boy and warning:) xo

  4. Katie, you truly can't take anything seriously. I'm still trying to decide if that's a gift or a cool super-power, like having x-ray vision and being able to see what color underwear people have on. Anyway, your FFF post is full of humor and the thing I love so much about your Blog and all your Posts is that you're having fun. Anyone who stops by to visit Katie Harper's Blog will share in that fun too. Well done. BTW - I'm glad you issued that warning to your Church friends, I'd hate for one of them to visit my Blog and go into convulsions.