Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meet Switch!!

Bio:  Switch is the meanest member of the Rat Bastards. The only reason the other Bastards tolerate him is because he is very good at his job. Switch is responsible for the up close and personal kill. When Shooter can’t get a clean shot on a target, Switch is sent in to dispatch him. Switch is not friendly. He is not nice. He does not care if he offends you. He was built for one purpose and that one purpose is to kill. Hell Kat recognizes a fierce warrior in Switch and asks him to protect her daughter Samantha. Hell Kat knows Switch has no problem killing anyone who threatens Samantha’s safety, even if that threat is Hell Kat herself. No one really knows Switch. He is the most closed off of all the Bastards. Not even Shooter knows Switch’s whole story. Though Switch has a very tough exterior, he has a soft spot for Samantha and is willing to submit to pretty much anything she asks of him, as long as it doesn’t put her in danger. Switch is closer to Samantha than he is to his fellow Rat Bastards. Threaten her and he will force feed you your own eyeballs.

Authors note: It was very difficult to get Switch to fill out his bio. He doesn’t play well with others. Switch is deadly. His bio reflects that.

Character Bio Questionnaire

Name:  I don’t have one.

Rat Bastard Name: Switch

How did you get your Rat Bastard name?  The first person I killed I gutted with a switch blade. I was thirteen.

 Occupation: Marine, Bodyguard

Relationship Status: I’ve never been in a relationship. I have no desire to be in a relationship. Relationships just make you sloppy.
Age: 34

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Height: 6’3”
Weight: 170

Motto: I only need one chance to put you out of my misery.

Distinguishing Marks:  Too many scars to care about. 

Favorite Weapon: 6.5” Mercworx Handmade SHIVA Combat Dagger

Best Friend: Samantha Boudreaux

Worst Enemy: Anyone I’ve ever killed. My enemies don’t survive long. 

Last Song Played On My iPod: Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven

Favorite Movie: Samantha’s favorite movie right now is The Incredible Mr. Limpet, so I guess that’s my favorite movie too.

Favorite Quote: “There will be killing until the score is paid.” –Homer (The Odyssey)

Last Facebook Post: “******* ******* joined Facebook January 17, 2010.” I only have Facebook so Samantha can play Farmville. If any of you think of sending her inappropriate messages, don’t. I sit next to her the entire time she plays. If you say anything slightly offensive, your wife will be putting your meals in a Cuisinart.

Ten things you should know about Me:

10. I do not threaten. I promise and when I give my word, I keep it.

9. I have killed more people than most serial killers. I do not apologize for my actions. They needed to be killed.

 8. Harm a child and I will turn you into a human kabob.

7. I don’t believe in family.

6. Deciding if someone needs to die is easy. Facilitating that death is easier.

5. There is more to me than killing, but not much.

4. I do not hand out loyalty. I am loyal to the Rat Bastards because they’ve earned it. If you mistreat my fidelity you will live to regret it…. well, you will live for a while anyway.

3. I follow Shooter’s orders because he lets me kill bad guys.

2. If you and I were trapped on a deserted island, I’d have no problem eating you.

1. Samantha is my world and my reason for living. Do not swear around her, treat her with respect, and if you think you might have an idea to maybe attempt to hurt her in any way, shape or form, I will rip your lungs out through your mouth and feed you feet first into an industrial plastic shredder. (See number 10)


  1. WOW. I'm in LOVE with Switch! He's my kind of guy! Thanks for sharing this!

    Huggles and best of luck
    Donica Covey

  2. All my Rat Bastards will get their own book. Switch's story is number four.

  3. Omg! I am totally head over heels in love!!!!!! This guy rocks! Funny his nae is switch. That was the name of the only pet I ever actually loved and he is just like him. You even looked at me wrong and my baby switch had you in a corner