Monday, August 22, 2011

My Favorite Actress

My favorite actress is Angelina Jolie. She’s a great actress. She’s forming her own UN counsel with the kids she’s adopted. And when she gets home at night her honey-I’m-home is Brad freaking Pitt.  She is beautiful, has a rockin’ body, and a tortured look about her that makes her absolutely breathtaking.

All these reasons are great, but none of them are why I love her.  I love her because she inspired Hell Kat. I wrote Hell Kat to be a tough as nails badass with a nasty habit of disemboweling people who piss her off. But she also has a soft side. She has a daughter who is the most loved child in literature, her house is looked after by a staff Hell Kat loves like family, she provides for the community of Bayou Boudreaux, and treats her employees with true respect. When I see Hell Kat ripping some dude’s heart out through his chest or kissing her daughter goodnight, I see Angelina Jolie.

I first fell in love with Miss Jolie when she played that psycho blond chick in Girl Interrupted. I’ve seen every movie she’s ever been in, including that piece of crap Fox Fire and when we were supposed to believe she could be Collin Farrell’s mother in Alexander.  (Side note: She would have been the ripe old age of 11 months when she gave birth to Collin.) I will continue to see every single movie she’s in for more than five seconds. I’m not stalking her or anything weird, I’m just cataloging her screen time, dialogue, time on set, and what she ate off the craft service table between takes, you know, for posterity.


  1. Have you seen the animated movie 'Beowulf' then? 'Cause she does the voice for Grendal's mom and the character was obviously based on her :)