Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meet Edna!!

Edna Mae Laveau is the housekeeper at Boudreaux House. Edna runs the show. No one crosses her, not even Hell Kat. Edna is known for being straight forward and saying exactly what’s on her mind. She is the wise old sage of the house with a wicked mind. She might be old, but she’s still a woman who likes and appreciates a nice helping of man candy. Edna is a direct descendant of Marie Laveau, the legendary Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Edna is very proud of her Creole heritage. She believes in magic and has no problem calling on the mystical elements of the universe to help the people she loves. You do not want to get on Edna’s bad side. She’ll have no problem beating some sense into you.

Character Biography

Name: Edna Mae Laveau

Nickname: Edna

Occupation: Housekeeper, maid wrangler, therapist, mother, Voodoo practitioner, and General of Boudreaux House.

Relationship Status: I’ve never married. I don’t have it in me to settle down with one man.

Age: 75 and proud of it!

Hair Color: Gun metal

Eye Color: Guinness

Height: 4’10 ½”

Weight: Ask that question again Miss Harper and I’ll start sticking pins in your doll.

Motto: A gris-gris can be used to bless or to curse. How I use yours is entirely up to you.

Distinguishing Marks: Other than my wrinkles, none.

Favorite Weapon: Gris-gris

Best Friend: My sister Odette. She died twenty years ago, but we still talk.

Worst Enemy: The idiots who run “voodoo” shops in the Quarter. They charge for their magic! A true voodoo practitioner never charges. It offends the spirits.

Last song played on my iPod: I don’t have an iPod.

Favorite Movie: I don’t have time to watch movies.

Favorite Quote: “Mo va pas pree vous baton pu casse mo latete.” (I'm not going to lend you a stick to break my head with.) –Creole proverb

Last Facebook post: What is a Facebook?

Ten things you should know about Edna:

10. The people who live in this house are my children. Hurt them and I’ll turn you into a zombie.

9. I have only gotten better with age.

8. I will work a spell for you. I will not be responsible for the outcome.

7. If you’re being an idiot, I’ll let you know.

6. Walk on my wet floor and I’ll beat you with the mop.

5. Sissy and I have pictures of the Marines swimming. They are for sale.

4. I make a gris-gris for everyone I meet. Sometimes I use it to bless, sometimes it is used to punish.

3. My gator does not taste like chicken! It tastes like gator!

2. I know white magic and black magic. How you treat my family determines which I use on you.

1. I’ve been slipping a potion into Kat’s morning coffee for three years. Not to fall in love, I’m not that powerful. I’ve been hoping she’d just get laid.  

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