Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Demon Side by Heaven Leigh Eldeen....AWESOME STORY!!

The Demon Side

I'm not going to introduce a character today because I read the best book I've read in a long, long time yesterday. The Demon Side by Heaven Leigh Eldeen is about an eighteen year old girl who moves in with a demon. Only she can see the demon so her family thinks she's schizophrenic. Rahovart, the demon, is intrigued by Etta. No one has ever been able to see him. A battle for Etta's soul ensues and Rahovart must remember his true calling in order to save her.

I loved every single sentence of this story! Heaven has been able to capture every emotion flawlessly. She tears your heart out, puts it back, then rips it out again. The entire time you are right there, living with Etta and Ra. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about this book.

Her characters are fully formed and real to the reader. Where a lot of authors gloss over the minor characters, Heaven makes the effort to bring those minor characters to life. Like the real estate agent who gets around three lines of dialogue. Heaven describes her as being "extremely obese but wears clothes two sizes too small and reeks of fast food onions and cheap perfume. Tacky red lipstick runs up the wrinkles on her thin chicken lips, and her hair sprayed beehive could pass as a helmet for a crash test dummy." Brilliant. And her angels! Don't get me started on her angels! These guys are badass sporting poisonous metal wings that can slice a demon's head off. Genius.

Heaven shines a light on the stress and strain alcoholism and mental illness has on a family. But she doesn't do it in an I'm on my soapbox kind of way. It's real, believable. It's not an after school special and it's not a pitty party. She presents the situation as honestly as possible then gives her characters the chance to change their circumstances. It is written flawlessly.

I can't say enough good about this book. It was an absolute joy to read. She had me laughing hysterically one moment then crying the next. Heaven is a brilliant writer and I can't wait to read the next installment in her brilliant series.

And guess what!! You can win a copy! Right here, today, on my little old blog. Leave a comment with your email address and you could get your very own copy of The Demon Side!!

Decadent Publishing

An excerpt from The Demon Side

“Don’t you dare,” Etta said, but before she could get up. I had already caught up to her dad. Flashes of Etta screaming, blood, hospital rooms, and pain filled Mr. Divad. Of everything a forty-something-year-old Marine could have possibly gone through, all he saw was his daughter’s pain? Oh, there must have been something else going on. Viewing the flashes, I stopped at one that I had seen before. I watched the scene play out.
Etta lay in a crimson red bath water. Her tears fell on her bleeding wrists. Etta’s mom screamed “John!” over and over again. Then Mr. Divad, John Divad, in a white tank top and light blue boxer shorts, barreled into the poorly lit stale beige bathroom. I paused John’s thoughts to better examine the details. Over the toilet was a small window. On the other side of the window blazed my Hell. Darkness streaked by flames, but in that Hell, a face stared in through the glass, smiling. I didn’t need to see any more.
Popping out of John, I met Etta’s angry glare. She didn’t need to say a word. I walked to our room and took my spot in the attic just above the closet, where I enjoyed watching rats burrow and build little homes for themselves. One of my favorite pastimes was to put a couple of them in an empty box, let them starve for a bit, and then throw a scrap of food in and watch as they tore each other apart. They were my little minions, always great for a scare. One of my favorite tricks involved dropping one on the dining room table during a dinner party. But there would be no playing with the rodents tonight.
The face in window bothered me. If the Divads had already experienced a Demon, it could pose a serious problem for me. That would also explain not seeing any attacker in Etta’s thoughts. Demons aren’t the same as ghosts. First off, ghosts aren’t real. Second, Demons are bound to an item, person, or property. Demons have the option of following a family or person if we choose, moving from one house to another, continually torturing a person. It’s a rare occurrence, but if one is lucky enough to find a person or place that either generates enough fear or is so despicably horrible to fuel the power needed to exist on Earth, then you can bet he wouldn’t just let them waltz out of his life. Another problem is that no two Demons can occupy the same place or own the same person. If the Divads had in fact lived with a Demon before, I might be getting a very unwelcome guest.
Although he would own whichever family member he attached to, I would rightfully own this property. Should the unwelcome guest appear, we would have to fight for both. I had no interest in a turf war, but I wouldn’t give up my home so some other jerk could move right in. My only hope was that, like me, he’d decided to stay at Etta’s last home and torment the next family. To be safe, I had to get rid of the Divads, and soon.

Heaven Liegh Eldeen is a freelance fantasy/fiction writer. She has spent most of her life traveling from state to state. Her experiences in life have fueled her creativity and story-telling abilities. Writing her first novella, The Demon Side, has been an exciting time full of great surprises and joy. She currently lives in California with her husband of ten years and their seven year old prince of darkness and crayons.


  1. I am extremely biased about this book and about the writer - my friend Heaven Liegh Eldeen. She is an inspiration to me and her book is one of the best books I've read in a very long time. As usual, Katie has done a great job of outlining the story and the excerpt speaks to what an interesting world Heaven has created. This is a book worth the price of admission.

  2. Thank you both so very much! It means a lot coming from two incredible, talented, people such as you guys. I'm getting all teary eyed!

  3. I'm torn between buying it now or seeing if I can win a copy!!!!!! Now I want to read this so bad, I have liked EVERYTHING that comes from Decadent and I can't wait to dive into this release too!


  4. Very cool! I really liked the excerpt, too! Thanks for posting this! ^__^


  5. The concept sounds great! The opening paragraph of this blog did indeed draw my attention to the story. Here's to lots of sales and success with this story, Heaven!
    C.R. Moss

  6. Wow this sounds really good! Thanks for the review and for a chance to win a copy :)


  7. I love it when you find a book that you just want to shout from the rooftops about, and this one does sound great...

    Great giveaway:)

  8. This sounds like an awesome read. Congratulations on your new release Heaven Liegh Eldeen, The Demon Side is now on my TBB list. I'm new to your work,and my fingers are crossed for this contest.


  9. I can't pass up the chance to win a book, and a good one at that, so passing it up would only mean eternal damnation for my soul and as much fun as it would be to watch for you I am sure I wouldn't enjoy it much.

  10. Sounds like a great read!!!


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  11. I read chapter one on Heaven's blog yesterday and was way impressed! Great set up--and character--and not at all what I usually read.

  12. I will BUY a copy of your book. I got to see first hand what a wonderful writer you are in our little Scare It Forward story.

    We need to support writers! I will read and post a review on amazon.

    William Castle

  13. I would really love to read this. Hopefully I can win a copy (hint, hint)!

    Wendy Gregory

  14. Nice excerpt. Please place me into the running for the free copy :o)

  15. Stopped by to show my support. Love a chance to win a copy. :)

    Lauren Hunter


  16. Great excerpt. Would love to get.
    Thanks for the chance.

  17. Love the idea and I can't wait to read the book.

  18. just stopping by to say... Can't wait to read!!!!


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  22. Metal Wigs
    and I thought angels had great hair!

  23. It's time like this when I'm so glad I like to double check things.

    I came back realized that this post said I had to leave an email address to be entered.

    Thank you for the excerpt, and congrats on your release!

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  24. Wonderful interivew with insightful information and a great book teaser. I look forward to reading this book! Thanks for posting.