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Meet the Demon!!

Today, my faithful blog readers, we get to know a new character created by a brilliant writer, Heaven Leigh Eldeen (yes that is her real name). She is a brilliant writer and a genius when it comes to characterization. Have fun meeting the demon from The Demon Side. Leave a comment for your chance to win a copy of The Demon Side.

 Rahovart, a bored Demon trapped in an old house located in historic Quantico, Virginia.

Character Bio

Name: Rahovart the Heir/ Lord Rahovart

Nickname: Ra

Occupation: The Devil’s right-hand Demon, General over all Legions.

Relationship status: Widower/Single but not looking.

Age: Unknown

Hair color: Blackish-green scales

Eye color: Blood Red

Height: Eight-foot

Weight: Unknown

Motto: No soul shall go untouched! They are all for the taking if I wish them to be.

Favorite movie: Paranormal Activity. Why don’t people ever just leave when we tell them to?

Favorite song: Bück Dich by Rammstein. It gets me going every time.

Best friend: My sword. I have no need for friends when I have so many enemies.

Worst enemy: Michael the Arch. You’ll find out why.

Favorite Quote: If you love something let it go. If it doesn’t come back hunt it down and kill it.~ Leonard Lake

Pet Peeves: Cheerleaders and whores. They are one in the same to me, useless wastes of flesh.

Favorite past-time: Watching Discovery Channel and playing with rats.

An Interview with Rahovart

Our lovely Miss Heaven has actually had a sit down with the demon….and lived to tell about it.

Me: “Good morning. Thanks for sitting down with me.”

Rahovart: “Welcome. Thanks for having me.”
Me: “I see today you’ve taken on a human form.”

Rahovart: “You’re perceptive, aren’t you?”

Me: “Okay then. Let’s start off with some fan questions.”

Rahovart: “This should be fun.”

Me: “If you’re not interested in doing the interview you can just leave.”

Rahovart: “What and miss all the excitement? No. I’ll think I’ll stay to straighten out some things. I know how you writers like making things up.”

Me: “Suit yourself. Okay first question comes from Katie. Since your age is unknown we are assuming you have been around for quite some time. What is your earliest memory?”

Rahovart: “My earliest memory is one the human mind could never fully comprehend without removing the veil. Since that is something I can’t do, let’s move to the next question.”

Me: “Why did you fall from grace?”

Rahovart: “I killed my wife Abihail in a jealous ‘rage’.”

Me: “Is jealousy common among Angels?”

Rahovart: “All creatures feel emotions. Angels are just supposed to keep theirs in check.”

Me: “What made you so furious that you could no longer keep your emotions in check?”

Rahovart: “Nice try. You’ll just have to wait to find out.”

Me: “Do you kill humans or just take their soul?”

Rahovart: “Soul snatching is a myth made up by man to cover up his weaknesses and guilt. We Demons only push people into willingly giving it up. As for killing well that’s a different story. I have enough notches on my belt to keep the scales tilted in my favor.”

Me: “How is it you ‘push’ a person into giving you their soul?

Rahovart: “Every Demon has their own method but the fundamentals are the same for all of us. First, you slowly begin to break them down mentally. When the prey reaches the point of constant agitation and fear, they will tear down their personal relationships on their own. Physical illness sets in usually due to lack of nutrition leaving them completely vulnerable. Physically and mentally weak with no warm body to turn to for comfort and support leaves the Human more susceptible to our influences. All that needs to be done then is a few suggestions and voila, you have yourself a soul willingly committing the sins needed to get a one way ticket to our gates.”

Me: “Couldn’t a person just pray and receive help and in turn foil your plot so to speak?”

Rahovart: “It’s been known to happen but what so many miss is how to do properly.”

Me: “How do you do it properly?”

Rahovart: “Silly girl, you really expect me to tell you?”

Me: “And what exactly is your favorite method of killing?”

Rahovart: “Contrary to popular belief, physically harming a human resulting in their death is against the rules. No soul is worth a sentence to Purgatory. We can only help facilitate in their death.  My pleasure doesn’t come from killing. It comes from watching the moment they decide the only way out is to take their own life. The glaze in the eyes of a person about to slit his wrists is much more euphoric.”

Me: “How do you facilitate their death if you cannot physically kill them?”

Rahovart: “That answer is only limited to the Demons imagination. You can push them to suicide, knife fight in an alley, drunk driving and so much more. You have to remember all Celestial beings only make suggestions. It is up to the person to make the choice whether or not to listen.”

Me: “Is the killing or death of a person who willingly gives up their soul necessary?”

Rahovart: “Each soul has something completely different offer. Whether or not we need them dead or alive depends on what they have to offer. Where one man may be suited better in the Legion the other may be better suited as an assassin on Earth. One lives, one dies. It’s all the same to me really.”

Me: “An assassin on Earth?”

Rahovart: “You call them serial killers, mass murderers, and etcetera.”

Me: “Do you remember the first soul you ‘pushed’?”

Rahovart: “There are so many it is difficult for me to distinguish between them. One of my fondest memories was that in which I assisted the Puritans in nearly wiping out an entire race of Algonquians. Man turning on man, murder, rape, thievery and deceit ran rampant. Beautifully despicable creations were made. To put it plainly it was a soul buffet.”

Me: “Do you enjoy what you do? Or do you simply just do it because it is in your nature?”

Rahovart: “In my nature? It is in my nature no more than it is in yours. Like everything else in creation we exercise our free agency and choose what we wish our nature to be. Not always does it bring pleasure. After a time it gets rather boring and predicable.”

Me: “Free agency? I thought Demons were mindless zombies following the Devil’s every command.”

Rahovart: “I’ll ignore your insult this time with the warning you watch your tongue girl.”

Me: “Are you going to answer the question?”

Rahovart: “Both sides have their armies so think of it from a military stand point. In every army there is a chain of command. Orders travel down the line until they reach their intended soldier. It is up to that soldier to either comply or disobey his orders. Follow the orders and you may receive commendations. Should he choose to disobey he will suffer the consequences of his insubordination.”

Me: “What are the consequences of disobeying an order?”

Rahovart: The consequences range from case to case but there is one sentence Angels and Demon fear alike…Purgatory. I’ll go into further details about that in the book. I don’t have the time to explain it all to you right now.”

Me: “I look forward to learning more about it. So, is there one or more soul you regret or feel remorse for?”

Rahovart: “Next question.”

Me: “Is that a sore subject for you?”

Rahovart: “I said next question. Don’t you have a book to ask about?”

Me: “Does the remorse you feel make you question some of the choices you’ve made?”

Rahovart: “You’re a creature that spends your days worried about work, carpooling, PTA meetings and making your mortgage. Your life balances from one pay check to the next. So, with that tell me, is your conscious clear? Do you ever doubt the choices you’ve made? Of course you do. Guilt and doubt is force-fed down your throats and you eat it up. The only differences between you and I is Demons don’t carpool or attend PTA meetings.”

Me: “Okay. So we’ll move onto ‘The Demon Side’. The basis of the story is you’re trapped in a house with a young girl and her family. How does a Demon get trapped in a house?”

Rahovart: “I’m trapped on the property to be clear. Not just the house itself. You think Demons just torture mankind and go angel slaying? We fight amongst ourselves just the same as any other race. I was betrayed by Alastor the Executioner. Didn’t you read your own novel?”

Me: “Yes I did but this is for our fans to get to know your side of the story better.”

Rahovart: “Once Lucifer’s right-hand Demon I was entrusted as General over all Legions. Rumors circulated that should the Devil fail, I would inherit the underworld. Alastor is his left-hand Demon responsible for finding Lucifer a mate to bare his children. Not happy with my position over him Alastor plotted against me resulting in my banishment to Earth.”

Me: “After your banishment, you’re trapped for 500 years to the property before the Divads move in. Countless families must have lived there between those times. What is different about Etta than the other women and girls that lived in that home previously?”

Rahovart: “Ah. Etta.”

Me: “It’s nice to see you smile. So, what is it about her that makes you smile?”

Rahovart: “What doesn’t? For all of her flaws and weaknesses she has one of the strongest souls I’ve ever come across.”

Me: “Can you explain in further detail?”

Rahovart: “Despite being caught between two battling Demons, an alcoholic step-mother and a father who is at his wits end, she holds on to hope. She looks past what I am, showing me what the worlds can be. Etta’s light can make the darkest of souls shine brighter than the hottest of flames. Through her eyes, there is much more worth fighting for than just territory and poll positions.”  

Me: “Are you saying you can’t push her?”

Rahovart: “I’m not saying I couldn’t. I’m saying I won’t.”

Me: “You mentioned she is caught between two Demons. We know Etta moves into the house you’re trapped in. How does the other demon come about?”

Rahovart: “Etta’s father, John inadvertently released him from his prison while serving his country in Iraq. The demon he released chose to follow him home and took a strong liking to his daughter.”

Me: “Did you know this other Demon before he followed the Divad’s to Quantico?”

Rahovart: “Yes. John released Alastor the Executioner, the Demon responsible for my banishment.”

Me: “When you learned the other Demon is Alastor, what was your first thought? Revenge?”

Rahovart: “Surprisingly no. Revenge never crossed my mind. My first instinct was to protect Etta.”

Me: “Why is that?”

Rahovart: “By the time Etta came to Quantico, he had already left enough scars on her psyche. Knowing who and what he is could only mean he would escalate his torment of her in ways not even her soul could handle. I couldn’t allow her to be pushed let alone be pushed by the likes of him.”

Me: “Would you say you love Etta?”

Rahovart: “Do you love breathing?”

Me: “I’ll take that as a yes. Is there anything you would like our readers to know before we go?”

Rahovart: “This interview, as fun as it was, only scratched the surface of what is to come.”


When she’s not kissing owies, climbing Mount Dishmore, or obsessing over her Facebook page, you can find Heaven at the computer, revising or editing one of her five works in progress, or with her nose buried in a text book. Eleven years later, still clean, sober, unaffiliated, and happily married, Heaven reflects on her past, using her experiences to inspire her writing. Having lived in many states, she has now settled down in California with her husband, her son and a betta fish named Barry.


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