Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today we get to hear from Sissy! Sissy is one of Hell Kat’s maids. She’s 21, innocent, but not naïve. She might sound like a sorority sister, but she is very observant of the people around her.

Me: Good morning Sissy. How’ve you been?

Sissy: UGH! Horrible!! Miss Kat banned me from watching the Marines swim in the lake just because I sold a few photos of them on EBay.  I don’t know why she’s being such a brat. She gets to see one of them completely naked on a regular basis while she won’t let me play a bit of tonsil hockey with just one of them. I don't want to bag the entire team. It’s like she wants to hog all the good stuff for herself. Can you believe that…..

Me: Sissy….

Sissy: I’m not as stupid as she thinks I am….

Me: Sissy….

Sissy: Just once I’d like to feel the weight of a man….


Sissy: WHAT!

Me: You kind of went off there for a minute.

Sissy: Good! Make sure you keep that in the interview. Miss Kat needs to recognize that I’m a grown woman who doesn’t need an armed and extremely dangerous babysitter. You’ve seen her fight right?

Me: Yes, I have….

Sissy: Then you know I could never bring a man here. She’d kill him! So what does she do? She brings in a whole stable of hot and tasty then tells me to not look and not touch. It’s torture!! I’m a woman with needs and I’m not allowed to find someone to fill those needs. So. Unfair.

Me: Is there one particular….

Sissy: I mean, I know she thinks Horndog would be a love em’ and leave em’ type, but maybe that’s what I want. Maybe that’s what I need. She can’t keep making decisions for me. I’m a grown woman. I can have a drink, buy a house, get married, and I don’t need her permission. Don’t get me wrong, I love Miss Kat like a sister but can’t she see me as a grown up for once in her miserable life?

Me: Have you told her….

Sissy: I get that she doesn’t want me to make any mistakes. She wants to keep me from going through the same crap she went through, but she’s got to let me make a few stupid choices. I’m not going to become a mercenary assassin! All I want to do is get drunk and wake up with a stranger. That’s part of being young and stupid. But she wants me to go from school girl to geriatric and miss all the best parts of life. I would like to be a mother some day. She does know that I have to have "relations" to become a mother doesn't she?

Me: I think you need to sit down and….

Sissy: I’ve tried to talk to her, but she’s like the virginity Nazi. She thinks that locking me away in this palace is going to keep my legs crossed. Well guess what? That’s not going to work! Actually, it has worked. I can’t get one sex starved Marine to sleep with me. I mean….COME ON! She just won’t listen. She’s being totally ridiculous!

Hell Kat: Who’s being totally ridiculous?

Sissy: NO ONE! I’ve got to go clean something.

Sissy stands up and walks out of the library leaving Hell Kat and I a little speechless.


  1. LOL That was an awesome interview. That Sissy sure is a feisty one. I wonder how long Kat will be able to keep her under control.

  2. Sounds like she wants to break free. Kat better watch out.

  3. Those Marines don't stand a chance once she gets started!