Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meet Kat "Hell Kat" Boudreaux!!

Every Tuesday and Thursday until my book is released on June 19, I will introduce on of my character to all yous guys. I've asked each of my characters to fill out an info sheet. Today we're going to meet the heroine of Never Say Just. Group, meet Kat Boudreaux, Kat, meet the group.

Katharine Wallace Boudreaux

Bio: Kat is not your average woman. She was recruited by Global Security Assets, a private military firm, at the age of 18 to be an assassin. She has the moral flexibility to kill without remorse. She can take a life if she feels the person needs to die for the sake of human kind. Despite this, Kat has an overwhelming ability to show compassion. She is fiercely loyal and expects loyalty from others. Kat is not a feminist. She believes men and women have very distinct roles, but her circumstances and talents force her to live outside those roles. Her daughter is the one thing in her life that she’s proud of and she is extremely protective of her. There is absolutely nothing she won’t do to keep her safe. Kat inherited a huge fortune when her husband died. She uses a lot of that money to better the lives of people who will never know she’s their benefactor.

Character Bio Questionnaire 

Name: Katharine Boudreaux

Rat Bastard Name: Hell Kat

How did you get your Rat Bastard name? Wouldn't you like to know.

Occupation: Co-Owner of Archer International, President of Boudreaux Oil, Mom, Mercenary, Assassin, Contract Interrogator.

Relationship Status: Widow

Age: 30

Hair Color: Dark Auburn

Eye Color: 
Emerald Green

Height: 5’6”

Weight: You don’t seriously expect me to answer that do you?

Motto: Most situations are improved by a .45.

Distinguishing Marks: None of your business.

Favorite Weapon: Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP, but I don’t need a weapon to kill you.

Best Friend: Yvette Benoit

Worst Enemy: That list is way too freaking long.

Last Song Played On My iPod: The Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movie: Patton, the monologue at the beginning is the best speech in history.

Favorite Quote: “I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor, dumb bastard die for his country.” George C. Scott, Patton

Last Facebook Post: I don’t use Facebook. In my situation, it would be a very stupid tactical move. The list of people who want me dead is really long. If I had a Facebook account, I might as well hand them the keys to my house.

Ten things you should know about Me:

10. My closet is sacred ground. Tread carefully.

9. Facial hair is disgusting! If you come into my house sporting chin pubes I will rip them off your face.

8. I don’t cry. It’s not because I see tears as a sign of weakness. I just think they’re a waste of the Earth’s finite water resources.

7. Every morning should start with mortal combat.

6. Threaten anyone under my care and I will make sure it takes you weeks to die.

5. You can’t lie to me so don’t try.

4. I’m not competitive. I don’t have to win, but I never lose.

3. There are two things a woman should never leave the house without, a credit card and a concealed boot knife.

2. I used to kill them, now shopping is the way I make sure the terrorists don’t win.

1.  My daughter means everything to me. If I could, I’d dress her in a bomb disposal suit to play on the playground.


  1. I love Hell Kat, she rocks and reminds me of someone I know. This is awesome and I want more...More please. :) I am going to be pre ordering this for sure. I am so exited to learn more.

  2. Personally, I don't think it's a coincidence that Hell Kat bares a striking resemblance to our very own Katie Harper. In fact, if I didn't know better( of course that's highly unlikely ), I'd say the two of them could be twin sisters separated at birth.

    #11 - They both can have a climax just thinking about having their toes sucked.

    #12 - They both adhere to the motto, shoot first, bury the body and then ask questions later

    #13 - They are both good people and I love them like the sisters I never had.


  3. That Hell Kat is a real badass, with a big heart... Got to love her!!

  4. Now I have to say I am stealing your idea for a little piece I have coming out. Just love the answers about her. Very sexy and so appealing. A kick ass kind of women and as Benjamin will tell you I like my women balls-to-the-walls. Too much fun.

  5. "Most situations are improved by a .45"... My Kinda girl!! I can't wait to learn about the other characters. Oh and ...I've got the credit card ready :)

  6. I'm loving Hell Kat. She is one kick ass girl..

  7. I'm loving your heroine!! I loved her number 7 and 4! You've piqued my interest in your book, Katie Harper and I will be picking it up! Best wishes to you with this release!

  8. I am ridiculously excited about this book. I totally cannot freaking wait to read it. I love kick ass heroines. Now, personally an LC9 fit's my hand better, but the P220 is nice too.

    Can't wait to learn more about the other Rat Bastards

  9. I have so much in common with Hell Kat! My closet is my Holy Shrine (:-P), I very rarely cry - and if I do, the world is ending. I am a volcano of rage and danger if anyone I love is threatened - in *any* way. If you ask my daughter, I used to pretty much wrap her in bubble wrap when she'd go outside - that is before she became a teenager and felt she is invincible..Lol! And shopping is the best way to solve any of my problems in life!
    It was very nice to meet and learn about her today! Can't wait for the next meet and greet! <3