Friday, July 8, 2011

Great Books You MUST Read!!

First a steamy new One Night Stand offering and then an uber-hot tale about a courtesan and a ship's captain. I see a lounge chair and an umbrella drink filling my weekend.

Night Mission
Part of the One Night Stand Series
By Desiree Holt

Navy SEAL Gabriel Walker didn’t think he was asking too much, just a hot woman with some brains who made his down time between missions pleasant. And maybe a little but more. Forty-something Maggie Fitzpatrick wanted a younger man with a sex drive to match her own and even smarts to hold a conversation. And maybe a little bit more. When Madame Evangeline paired them for the one night stand neither of them expected the explosive chemistry, the very hot sex…and a littler bit more.

Available now from Decadent Publishing.

Desiree Holt is the author of the Phoenix Agency Series, Nemesis Series, Night Seeker Series, Rawhide Series, Sequins, Saddles, and Spurs Series, Sentinels Series, and a whole slew of other hotter than a solar flare novels! For a complete book list, go to her website and check her out!

Desiree Holt
"Feel the heat"


The Ship’s Mistress
Book One of the Etwan Chronicles
By Maureen O. Betita

Jahari gave herself to the starborn Etwa to save her little sister from life in a foul brothel. Ironically, tests reveal an aptitude for sensual service and Jahari is trained as a high court slut. A contract of seven years runs out on the planet Mentari but the powerful Basba is determined to keep her. She escapes swearing to see him reported to the Etwan authorities.
Toseman is the captain of the Sea Horse, sailing the seas of Mentari. Several days from port a stowaway is brought before him. Her bright blue hair betrays her high slut identity and puts his secret at risk. Drawn to her, he accepts her offer to serve as ship’s mistress and promises to see her to the nearest Etwan spaceport.

They are pursued by her former master as the two join forces and with the help of the Sea Horse crew, they seek Etwan justice.

(Slut: (noun) In the common vernacular a word denoting a man or woman of great sexual prowess, strength and knowledge. A high slut is one considered extremely valuable and treasured. Once a word with a far different meaning among the human population, used to denigrate and deride a woman with a strong sexual appetite. Still in use on the more primitive patriarchal worlds under Etwan influence, a condition the Etwan strive to eliminate.)

Available now from Decadent Publishing.

Maureen Betita is the mistress of pirates and passion! Book two of the Etwan Chronicles, Sari's Search is now available from Decadent Publishing! Maureen is also the author of the Kraken's Mirror, first book in the Kraken's Caribbean series. Expect to see books two and three in the Kraken series, The Chameleon Goggles and The Pirate Circus, in the fall and winter 2011. (every Friday as 2nd Chance)

Both of these fabulous books are available right now at


  1. Love the excerpt for Night Mission, and Desiree's story is definitely on my tbb list.

    cathy m
    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  2. I'm following you now. I love your blog. Desiree's book looks great. The Ship's Mistress looks really good.

  3. Hey Cathy!Always love seeing you. And big thanks to Katie for having me here today. SorryI'm late but drs appt and traffic really stuck a big hole in the day.

  4. Aw, thanks Marika! Everyone's welcome! (Disclaimer: I am not responsible for what comes out of the mouths of my Rat Bastards.)

  5. Anything by Desiree Rocks :D Will check out the other book as well :D More for the TBR pile :D

  6. Both excellent and VERY different books. But then, I DO love a little variety....

  7. LOL, Katie! And yes, these two books sounds like winners!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

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