Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Not a bad view

I am home from a three day beach extravaganza. I dragged my butt and my daughter’s butt to the lovely seaside town of Huntington Beach, California. Our first day on the beach was a feast for the eyes. Yes the sand was lovely and the waves majestic, but really the best part of the whole damn day was the US Open of Surfing. No, I’m not a boarder Betty, but I can appreciate me some hard bodies.

Let me help you brush
that sand off.
Day one was a buffet of man candy. Yummy edible, lickable young men on display for all to see. It was the Louvre for hot, hard, and fine. I actually stood dangerously close to a group of buff young things playing a game of catch praying that they’d overshoot their toss and run me over. Yes, I am that ridiculous and I don’t care who knows it.

Stuff like this should
NEVER happen!
Day two was a bit disappointing. We went to a different beach. I needed to relax after all the cardio my heart got the day before watching the surfers. This beach had zero man candy. None, unless your tastes fall to the marshmallow variety. Pasty white and more smushy than hard. Completely disappointing. And it wasn’t just the guys. I cannot believe that hundreds of women put a bikini on, looked in the mirror, and said, “I look good”. I’d like to know what kind of mirror they're using.

More my type

I admit, I’m shallow, I appreciate a good body. And you all may think I’m horrible for ogling men on a beach. Get over it! I know that most of these men wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation about anything more than their gym and their protein shakes, but that’s really not what I worry about when I’m gawking. If I ever were to pursue a relationship with a man, I can honestly say his body type is not on the top of my list. His ability to form full and complete sentences and a kind, compassionate nature are way above body. But, I wouldn’t kick a smart, caring Daniel Craig out of my bed. 

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