Friday, August 12, 2011

Frisky Flash Fiction Friday-Dr. Seuss style

This pic had me thinking
This pic made me hurt
I had to do something
To make this thing work

It turned out much harder
Than I thought it should be
To sound like Miss Harper
And yet….be sexy

The point, after all
Of this exercise
Is to help me grow tall
So, yes I must rise

My writing won't shock
My writing won't stun
Please do not mock
It’s meant to be fun

Benjamin looked across the kitchen table
 He wanted that Bonni so willing and able
The breakfast he made just seemed like dead eggs
He wanted those lips, those arms, and those legs

She wanted him too, if truth be told
She wanted him now, to have and to hold
He wrapped her long legs around his bare waist
“Marry me now,” he said in great haste

What could she say? It’s what she desired
How could she say no to the man she admired?
“Yes yes, I will, but before I am taken
Please, oh please…could you make some bacon?”

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  1. LMAO! I loved it. Yes I'll marry you Benjamin. Oh wait, I'm already married. Sorry! Bonni Sansom

  2. Katie, leave it to you to put such an interesting spin on that picture. You really had me going until I got to the marriage part, and then I almost choked on my bacon. This is really cool and it's fun. Like you said, these posts are about having fun. You rock :-)

    Bonni, since my FFF Blog post was about a menage, can't we just skip the marriage stuff and have a hot, steamy three-some instead?? Don't tell me that your naughty mind hasn't thought about it before :-)

  3. This was awesome, Katie! I loved it! I feel bad now that two of you have mentioned our names. After next week, if there is a M/F, then I'll mention names. =)

  4. I totally loved it (my first comment didn't register - don't ask me why).

    It was a fantabulous description of the picture and I now have a huge smile on my face and can't wait to see what you do with next week's pic :)


  5. What a great poem!!! Fantastic! You are all very talented. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Wow that was so good!! Wish I could rhyme life that.

  7. This was just delightful, very fun and lilting. She no doubt would want more would I:) xo