Friday, August 12, 2011

You Gotta Read This Book!

You’ve GOT to read The Sweater Curse by Leanne Dyck!

The Sweater Curse
By Leanne Dyck

Aspiring knitwear designer Gwen Bjarnson is stuck in Purgatory. To escape, she must re-examine her life, journey through her past and right a wrong. But which wrong?
Young and in love, she works to establish her career, except fate has different plans. One rash act and she loses everything. Never resting, always seeking, and yearning for what she can no longer have, Gwen faces the truth:  if she remains, others are destined to die.
How will she solve the mystery before it is too late?

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Before becoming a Decadent author, Leanne self-published three collections of short stories, a how-to-knit pattern book and a cozy mystery. Decadent Publishing released her erotic short story (Untouched Places by Grace Meadows) and a thriller novella (The Sweater Curse by Leanne Dyck). Her most recent writing project is a young adult adventure novel.

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