Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meet Sissy!!

Sissy is one of Hell Kat’s maids. Hell Kat is extremely protective of Sissy. She sees Sissy as a vestal virgin and innocence incarnate. Sissy has grown from being an innocent child to a woman who wants to express herself, make stupid mistakes, and have a life. Hell Kat won’t allow that. Sissy is a very talented artist. She claims to be a hack, but the truth is, she’s a very good artist. Sissy is known for speaking in “text speak”. She throws out LOLs and OMGs like most people say the. Sissy has had a crush on Horndog since he stepped foot inside Boudreaux House. Hell Kat is not happy about that. Not one little bit.

Character Biography

Name: Cecilia Renaud

Nickname: Sissy

Occupation: Maid, struggling artist (code for untalented hippy).

Relationship Status: I’m single. I’ll be single for the rest of my freaking life because Kat is worse than Mother Superior.

Age: 21

Hair Color: Blond, almost white and yes the carpet matches the drapes.

Eye Color: Icy blue.

Height: 5’2”

Weight: OMG, rude!

Motto: It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.

Distinguishing Marks: Do you really think Kat would let me get a tattoo? The correct answer is HELL NO!

Favorite Weapon: I don’t need a weapon. I have a Hell Kat.

Favorite Movie: Clueless. It’s a classic.

Last Song Played on Your iPod: I Wouldn’t be a Man by Josh Turner. He has this really deep voice that makes my stomach melt.

Best Friend: Ella Anderson. We are like BFFs and we will be until we die. We’ll probably die on the same day.

Worst Enemy: LOL! I don’t have any enemies because I have a Hell Kat. Of course I could say my worst enemy is Kat. She never lets me do anything fun.

Last Facebook Post: Three words that will strike terror into any man, Hold My Purse.

Favorite Quote: “I'm a princess. ‘P’ to the ‘R’ to the ‘N’ to the ‘cess’. I'm a princess.” –Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez, To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

Ten things you should know about Sissy:

10. I love to paint. I love to paint wicked hot naked Marines.

9.  I am the only person on the planet who can raid Kat’s closet and live to talk about it.

8.  Horndog is the sexiest, funniest human being ever created. (Kat, I know you’re going to read this. DON’T HURT HORNDOG!!)

7.  Kat thinks I’m naïve because I grew up at Boudreaux House and haven’t really been anywhere. I’m not! I watch E! I know what’s out there. Besides, I’ve got a group of super yummy Marines watching my back. What else does a girl need?

6.  For my twenty first birthday Lilly made me drink an entire pitcher of her famous Mint Julep. OMG, I got sooooo smashed. I am the only person other than Lilly who knows the recipe. Contrary to what Kat believes, it does not contain anti-freeze. It's made from moonshine.

5. Before I die I will paint in Paris. That means I’ll have to outlive Kat.

4. I’ll admit it, I really like all the Marines staying here, especially when they go for a swim in the lake. O. M. G. I could watch that all damn day.

3. I’m learning to fight. Someday I’ll be able to kick your trash! And someday I’ll get to spar with one of the Rat Bastards. I’ll let him pin me to the mat. I don’t consider that a loss. ;)

2. I have never been on a date. Kat won’t allow it. That’s fine, I’ll just fantasize about the troop of lickable Marines sleeping under my roof.

1. I’m in love with a Marine. I just haven’t decided which one yet.


  1. and yet MORE amazing character development! way to go! I did my first "character interview" for The Tap Room. Got all Erin's men in a virtual room and made them talk. It, um, didn't go well, but makes for etertaining reading I hope. It'll be on Miz Love and Crew later in Sept. You are an inspiration!

  2. Liz I can't wait to read your interview!!!