Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What is Sexy?

I spent this past weekend at the beach. Before you ask, yes I was there four weeks ago. Get over it. I sat in my beach chair observing, OK I was judging, the people frolicking in the waves. What? Don’t you frolic? I saw many different body types and degrees of sexy. I saw everything from the tanned hard body to the white pasty beached whale. Were they all sexy? No.

I'm so hungry YOU are
starting to look like a cheeseburger.
I know, you want me to say everyone is sexy in their own way. That’s what ugly people say to make themselves feel better.  Sexy is perception. Our perceptions are influenced by the media and the media says a tight, tan body with curves in the right places is what makes sexy sexy. Is the media wrong? Nope. They are spot on. That is what is sexy in most countries where they have access to TV, computers, movies, magazines, books, radio, or porn. I’m not the one who made the rules people. Don’t get mad at me.

So if you’re not a megawatt hot supermodel with calf implants do you have any right to think you’re beautiful? ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!! What do those models say? They say that if you make enough money to eat whatever you want you have to starve yourself. They say that if you don’t by this dress, bikini, pair of shoes, hat, exercise equipment, diet program, or breast enhancement cream you will not be beautiful. And they tell you this with a look on their face that says they’d kill someone for a scoop of ice cream. Is that starved scowl beautiful? No.  What makes a real woman beautiful? A real woman finds her beauty in the people who love her. She seeks only their acceptance. She doesn’t need to lacquer her face to gain their approval. They love her when she’s made up looking gorgeous and when she’s been in the same pair of pajamas for three days because she’s working against a deadline. This love and acceptance gives her confidence and confidence is the sexiest asset a woman has. (But a nice rack does help.)


  1. Spot on article Katie. I absolutely agree with womens perception of beauty, and we do seek acceptance. I am turned on most by warmth, compassion, love of life, humour and the way my man makes me feel. I am sexy because l feel sexy, l feel sexy because my man tells me l am!

  2. So true Katie! I love what you said about the ice cream. And I agree with Gemma. I feel sexy when my DH makes me feel that way.

  3. I love this article Katie! I feel sexy when My husband says I am too. Also when he tells me he loves me just the way I am.

  4. I agree, Katie. Self-assurance is the key. =) Great post! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Confidence and a fertile imagination, not burdened by needless inhibitions, are the sexiest assets a woman has. Ms. Harper, you hit the bullseye again. Of course that nice rack and a Jlo booty don't hurt either.

    Very nice article.

  6. Great article Katie. And people can see as far as their brain can grasp. Unfortunately that radius does not extend too far. And I just want to add, a real woman when she brushes her teeth, first thing in the morning, she looks into her own eyes and say ‘O, yes, another day to conquer’. that is sexy, light of the scorching flames in the pupils (i take no prisoners).and a 'nice rack' does help for sure, first line of offense...

  7. I was given this blog link by the oh so wonderful Benjamin Russell.
    We have had a few words regarding erotica.
    All women are beautiful in their own special way. Some are so lucky to have a man that seeks our attention & wants to fulfill our lives. That's not to say we should depend on them for fulfillment. We are the custodians of our own sexuality. It is up to us to learn what makes us sexual ...confidence, intelligence, love, generosity towards our partners, the willingness to experience what makes us complete.
    My opinion that is a sexy woman..one who knows herself intimately.


  8. Yes, our perceptions are influenced by the media, but what is sexy to one person is not necessarily sexy to another. Sure when I see the outer package, it may make my mouth water, BUT - sometimes that's all there is. As soon as they speak, they're no longer attractive at all. I think sexiness is a confidence and an attitude. And true beauty shines from the inside out. The more a person feels good on the inside, it will show on the outside as well. The idea that a person "glows" just because they are happy and well-adjusted has a ring of truth to it.