Friday, October 7, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday

I am going for something different today. I’m trying my hand at writer with a serious tone. I know, don’t fall off your chairs. I have more than one talent.

Hera, that shrew of a goddess, had taken everything from Stavros. She’d killed his family. She’d taken away his freedom. She’d destroyed the only woman he’d ever loved. She hadn’t killed Aridane, she’d sent her to Tartarus. For a dead person, Tartarus was just hell. For the living, it was the worse torture you could imagine. Why had the demon goddess destroyed his love? Stavros was a demi-god. Half human, half god. Zeus had mated with hundreds of human women. When a child was produced of those unions, his childless wife went nuts.

To get Ariane back, Stavros would have to crawl through the very fires of hell, battle Hades, and live to tell about it. He had no hope.

No two people deciper an image in the same way. Find out what my friends make of this  picture.


  1. oooh you went the mythology route!! Very awesome! That Hera is a brat!!! Stavros should just spank her!

  2. Loved the mythical spin on your post. I want the rest of the story though. Well done.

  3. Very nice indeed. So what happens? Did he make it!

  4. A whole lot with little to say. Great flash, Katie! Loved it!

  5. Wow, awesome flash! I could see the disparity in his eyes after reading your story. Nicely done!